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A Man with a camera is not an ordinary human being. He has three eyes. And this is a reason why he sees and notices much more than a usual man.

Below are some freeze-frames from my movies.
From West Side to Siberia 45 min,
Documentary, 2000
N 56'37 51 min,
Documentary, 2003
Stealing the dreams TV Programme, 1999
The Sweetheart
Serial, 2002-2003
  Mountain Ski Guide 2004
TV Programme, 2004
Our Olympic Future
TV Programme, 1999

Illusion of religion 97 min, Feature film, 2005, Paris, France

A place where nothing is taboo. A city of unrivaled opportunities and the most cruel people relationships. A story of two French teenagers coming in the world of chaos where everyone has to choose. What is your way?

The Last Warden 128 min, Documentary-Feature Movie, 2002, Cluny-Breda-Azov

This movie sheds a light of truth to the letter of Robbe-Grillet's not finished novel, anchoring one of the most adventurous explorations of a primal societal fear. The objectification of Korean pair is key to this emotional sojourn. The movie provides a complexity of lovingly-detailed intertwining of psychological, emotional, and physical agony andů love.

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